Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901 - 2000 45e editie

Massive in scope and encyclopedic in detail, the 2018 Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901-2000, 45th edition, provides the most comprehensive reference to 20th century coins on the market.

This tradition-rich catalog is vetted by experts worldwide, providing a global view of the most passionately collected and popular segment of numismatics. Based on the early work of numismatic giants Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler, the Standard Catalog is the reference of choice for beginning or serious collectors, researchers, and coin dealers specializing in 20th century coins.

In the current market, with precious metals stable, collectible coin values have settled in to reasonable levels, driving careful collectors to seek out the highest grade coins available. This continuing interest in high-grade, exceptional coins is reflected in the catalog, which now offers more and better-defined values for many countries.

Inside you'll find new MS66, PF67 and PF69 values for coins from the Peoples Republic of China, as well as many redefined PF67 and PF69 values for modern gold coins worldwide.

Extensive yet easily managed, the catalog is organized by country and features:

  • 60,000 actual-size images
  • Universally used KM reference numbers
  • Clear descriptions with invaluable detail
  • Current values for coins listed by date, mintmark, and grade

In addition, listings for coins minted in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium offer key information, including total coin weight, fineness, and actual precious metal weight.



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