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Theo Peters 

Very neatly said, I am director / owner of Theo Peters Numismatics & Filatelie B.V. Fortunately, that doesn't mean that I just sit back and watch.

I personally buy and sell coins and stamps, I describe and qualify all coins, but I also regularly answer the phone, make invoices and help to get rid of mailings. I am also an auctioneer and regularly organize a well-attended international coin auction in the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel. Precisely because I do or have done everything within my company, I can explain to my employees exactly what I expect from them and I know how to coach them. It is therefore good to see that we form a strong team and that they go through fire for the cause!

Traveling is my great hobby and this profession offers me the opportunity to travel all over the world to trade stamps and coins and to make contacts. I have completed more than 70 trips to the USA & the Caribbean, several to the Far East and countless in Europe. Always a challenge and good for a rich baggage. Private and business, like when traveling, sometimes mixed up, but for me being really free means good food and drink with friends or the family or occasionally getting a breath of fresh air by the sea or in the forest. Watching sports, especially tennis and football, and actively practicing is still my great passion.



I have enjoyed working at Theo Peters for over 25 years. As a mother of 2 children I went from full time to 2 days a week. My activities include subscriptions for stamps and coins, mailings, processing orders and all additional jobs. We are a small and friendly team and are therefore well attuned to each other.

On my days off I spend a lot of time with the children, a lot on the sports field and also relaxed on the couch with one of my favorite series.



Stamps and coins, I grew up with them. My parents had a shop in Arnhem, which I ran together with my mother until 2004. In the meantime I had been Theo Peters' partner privately for a while and I became increasingly connected to the company. My tasks are very broad. In addition to helping customers in the store and providing service on the phone, I take care of the stock management of the coins.

In particular, all euros, coin sets and occasional coins will be placed in the shop or price list through me. You can also find me at various fairs and I assist at the auctions organized by Theo Peters. I enjoy my work a lot, but I don't get bored outside of it. Although our children have left home, they still bring a lot of fun and regularly ask for advice. I play at the tennis court at least twice a week and cooking for friends and family is also a great passion of mine. Furthermore, it is of course wonderful that I regularly board a plane with Theo for both business and pleasure and see something new from the world.



Since 2012 I have been part of the team of Theo Peters Numismatics & Filatelie B.V. I have enjoyed working for another employer in the industry for over 30 years and I see my new job as a huge challenge. I really enjoy the diversity in my work and dealing with people. I was looking forward to working with colleagues in a team ... well, I like that!

I have also learned an enormous amount in recent years. And still!

In my spare time playing soccer myself, which was my biggest hobby, has become a bit less. Occasionally a soccer training or indoor soccer with friends and I try to attend a practice or game of my sons every week. In addition, doing wonderful fun things such as cycling, eating, cinema, walking or a weekend away.



To complete my Applied Psychology study, I was looking for a company where I could do my graduation internship. During my training I studied consumer behavior and the behavior of collectors in particular has always fascinated me. From childhood I have always had different collections. So I ended up at Theo Peters Numismatics & Philately, a great company where I could delve into the motives of the collector.

Based on the findings from my research report, I started working at Theo Peters Numismatics & Philately after my studies. Nowadays I do much of the online work and try to apply my findings where possible. Of course I also process a lot of orders and I help answer customer questions.

Besides my work I like to play board games and I regularly go abroad for a weekend for a card game tournament. I also like to watch soccer, tennis or Formula 1.


Lots of hands

Very often we have the help of family, friends or colleagues with some "time to spare".

They help us with busy times, such as processing mailings, manning our stand at the Holland Coin Fair in February, the Day of the Mint on the 2nd Saturday in June or during our auction. Furthermore, we are proud of all our business relationships with whom we have the pleasure to work.

Without them, Theo Peters Numismatics & Filatelie B.V. can never provide you with the service as you know ours!