Theo Peters buys coins!

At the moment we are URGENTLY looking for coins and paper money, especially:

Provincial gold coins

Gold Riders, half gold riders, gold ducats, double gold ducats, gold patterns and other Provincial gold coins. We buy them all at extra high prices. If you have single pieces or maybe you are considering selling your collection of Provincial coins (not even gold coins of course), now is the time. After all, we are urgently looking for good pieces and collections and are therefore happy to buy your collection! Direct settlement in cash or by bank.

Kingdom coins 

Coins from the period Willem I, II, III and Wilhelmina, we are happy to buy them. Beautiful collections, individual pieces of high quality, we have the customers for it and are happy to pay you the highest price.

At the moment we are looking for some advanced customers for:

  • All rare years of gold ten guilders Willem I, II, III and Wilhelmina such as 1818u, 1820u, 1822u, 1826u and b, 1829u and b, 1842, 1848, 1850, 1892 and 1895. The price will positively surprise you!
  • Rare gold ducats, 20 guilders, but also 3 guilders, rijksdaalders and guilders in top quality.

Would you like it? Sell your life's work now at a great price and the same day the money available for other things or that beautiful journey you've always wanted to take. We make it happen. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Gold coins of the world

Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, Eagles, Buffalos, Sovereigns, 20 Francs, Pandas, Koalas, Philharmonikers and of course our own Dutch gold ducats and gold ten guilders.

We look for them in any number. And not just these, but all the gold coins of the world, from America to Switzerland and every country in between.

Separately per item, per collection or large investment objects. WE BUY THEM!

Remember, the price of all of these coins has TRIPULATED since 2002, so you'll soon be in the +. This may therefore be a good time to monetize your collection.

But also

Of course we also buy other coins and banknotes, such as the Dutch East Indies, beautiful foreign coins such as silver Thalers, etc. In short, we really do not only want to pick the currants from your collection, but of course buy your entire collection!

• You are welcome at our shop Monday to Saturday to present your coins or paper money.

• We are happy to visit you at home for larger objects.

• Payment, according to your preference, in cash or by direct bank transfer.

• Direct settlement, also for large amounts.

• Extra high prices for beautiful large collections that have been in your possession or in the possession of your family for decades.

• Coins not mentioned, such as Kingdom or issues of the Royal Dutch Mint are also welcome.

What will happen to your coins?

'My children are not interested', 'I don't want to burden my next of kin with it', 'I haven't done anything about my coins for a while'. Unfortunately, we hear these and similar comments almost daily and you may recognize yourself in them.

It may sound a bit heavy, and it is certainly not intended to be, but one day the day comes when you make the decision to sell your coin collection.

Theo Peters auctions coins!

Prefer to auction?

In addition to direct purchase, you can also choose to have your coins or notes auctioned with us. Our auction company, “AA” Coin Auction ”, will be happy to receive your coins for the upcoming auction.

For further information about the auction click here.

What do we ask of you?

• You have made the decision, or are seriously considering, to sell your coin (collection).

• You have chosen to do this at a specialized, trusted and solid coin dealer and auction house with extensive experience in the national and international market.

• You contact Theo Peters, certified auctioneer and numismatic expert. This can be done by telephone 020-6222530, 06-51422750, e-mail info@theopeters.com or post. We will then make an appointment with you when you come to us with your coins or when we come to your home (for larger collections). In all cases you stay with us and you will quickly hear what your coins are worth and we will do business with you immediately!

• If you prefer to auction, you can wait patiently for the auction (which you can of course also attend) and you can look forward to the highest yield for your coins. We provide: professional parcelling, insurance, a luxury auction catalog, an extensive advertising campaign, the right wealthy buyers and much more. In short, everything that is needed to achieve the highest yield from your coins.

They preceded you:

We receive a lot of positive reactions from customers, by post, by email or they tell us their experience with our company. We cherish these experiences as proof of the fact that we work with passion, pleasure and a warm heart for people and their hobby. We would like to share some reactions with you.

An elderly couple from North Holland:

“For decades I have seen the daily advertisements in the Telegraaf in which Mr. Peters asks for coins for sale. Although my curiosity had been drawn before, I have now finally made an appointment to have Mr. Peters look at my collection of coins and history tokens. The pleasant and friendly way in which we were received immediately gave us both a good feeling and confidence.

Mr. Peters explained to us that either direct sale to him or auctioning was an option, whereby he clearly indicated that he himself had no preference. Given the fun composition of my collection, we decided in consultation to have my little life work auctioned. We have been looking forward to the fantastic yield! ”

Mr. and Mrs. P. from Friesland:

“We have known Theo Peters for over 30 years and have built up a nice collection of coins since the 1980s. In addition to almost all Wilhelmina coins, including the rare 2 1/2 cent 1942 zinc and the 1944 Denver dime (at the time still personally brought to us by Theo on Curaçao), we were in possession of the Juliana coins struck with polished stamps.

We have lived abroad for years, but have always kept a nice contact with him. Now many years later it became clear that our children are not interested in the coin collection, it was a logical step for us to have our collection auctioned at Theo Peters. We were more than happy with the result! In a beautiful ambiance in the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, a packed hall was ready to bid on the coins we had collected with so much pleasure. A small box with 4 polished coins from 1950, valued at € 2500, just brought in € 12,300. ”

The V. sisters from Alkmaar:

“My father had a large amount of gold coins. We had no knowledge of it. Fortunately, we ended up with an honest address. Immediately the same afternoon we had an amount in our bank account that other people only win in the lottery. ”

Mr. Mr. J.Th.F.M. from L. from Amsterdam:

“We have become the owner of a collection of Dutch and German banknotes from family property, including a number of very rare copies. Through acquaintances I ended up with Mr. Peters, who, with his auction company “AA” Coin Auction, had been recommended to me as a renowned company. I once orientated myself on the internet and it has turned out that this organization is known as very reliable. They are also a member of the Dutch Association of Coin Traders, which is also a proof of reliability and expertise to me.

In 2014, as a test, I had some rare banknotes from the Netherlands and Germany auctioned. The proceeds, and low auction costs, satisfied me and made me decide to contribute a second part of my collection of paper money in auction 53 of 14 November 2015. The result was again astonishingly good. ”

Mr. v.d. M. from the south of the country:

“For years I have collected and bought coins from 's Rijksmunt and well-known coin dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium. From King Willem I to the Euros. Collecting coins was my great passion. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end and my health started to fail me. I didn't want to burden my wife with my coins. It took me a lot of effort to say goodbye to my life's work, but the good thing is that other collectors would now enjoy the coins from my collection. That certainly eased the pain. I chose Theo Peters auction because of the beautiful auction catalog, the involvement of Theo Peters and that has paid off in a great profit. I am extremely satisfied with his method. ”

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